Mound Builders

An Unexpected Journey

Old Newspaper Article that sparked my Mound Builders research

Old Newspaper Article that sparked my Mound Builders research

You know how it goes, you are searching the web for particular pieces of information and get side tracked on an entirely different topic.

It was during one of those diversions that I started reading more about the Mound Builders of North America. Specifically in the Midwest and Great Lakes region. Any grave crawler worth his salt wouldn’t exclude mounds from his/her list of potential crawl sites.

So you can expect many more resources, field reports, and adventures to follow this new interest of mine.

My map of Mounds in Indiana – it is a work in progress so not all of the known mounds have been listed yet. Also keep in mind that I used antique maps to pinpoint the locations so the map pins are as accurate as I could get them without actually visiting the individual mound sites.

Another recent term that I have started using when referring to the Mound Builders is “Earth Movers”. Much like I felt Grave Crawler better described the hobby of cemetery tourism, I thought Earth Mover evoked a better image of what these Ancient Americans did when constructing these structures.

Some Useful Resources

Paths of the Mound-Building Indians and Great Game Animals – a free book on Project Gutenberg’s website. Some great maps of Mound Builders distribution and mound sites.

Mark R. Schurr’s site – Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame – an expert on the Mound Builders

Indians of the Midwest – some great illustrations, maps, and information about the mound builders of the Midwest.

Moundbuilder myth – Many Americans still believe that a people, other than the Native Americans, were the mound builders.


Some Blogs with Interesting Information

While the author of the following blogs and I don’t share the same views on a lot of things, we do have one very important thing in common. He and I both believe that these sites must be preserved and protected for future generations.

Giant Human Skeletons – this blog started me on my Mound Builders diversion with the story of a giant human skeleton that was found in a burial mound.

Mound Builders – Another blog, from Fritz Zimmerman who is not afraid to voice his disdain for archaeologists and the desecration of Native American burial sites.


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