Mapping Mound Builder Sites in Indiana

Using antique maps of Mound Builder sites, I have began creating a Google map with map markers of many of the sites. The precise location of the mounds is not always correct, for a couple of reasons. One being I do not want to encourage looting of Native American grave sites and also sometimes an approximate location is all we have since many of the mounds are no longer visible due to farming, archaeological excavation and natural erosion:

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Mapping Mound Builder Sites in Indiana — 1 Comment

  1. I have read with interest the info on this website. I sold a property on the Maumee River east of the Ind/Ohio state line in Mar 2015. Indian History has always been of interest and I have written many articles for the local newspapers, newsletters, etc. on what I could find. I have an Indian Room in our home devoted to books and Indian pictures, etc. Tecumseh is my favorite Indian Hero. Family history and genealogy has been a lifelong hobby, but I have no Indian heritage. (My maiden name was Wells, but was not related to William Wells).
    When I found that you were doing an Arch. dig near Knaggs Reserv. it really raised my interest, because I was aware that there was some Indian activity there probably because of the “big medicine” of the Blue Cast Water. Also, I had read some time ago that there was a buffalo wallow at
    Bull Rapids in the Maumee River (so probably there was Indian activity there also, right?) I have written about the Indian activity at the Confluence at the Maumee and Auglaise Rivers in Defiance, Ohio many times. Charloe was a reservation of Ottawa Indians that was in Paulding Co. Ohio near where I was born in 1943.
    I would like to attend one of your meetings or meet with you. Also to have permission to write about your activities in the newspaper. I understand your wanting privacy in the location of the digs. The public can be very invasive about historical sites that should be private property. I’m not a souvenier hunter; my father had a farm near Charloe and was saddened about the people that were trying to find the Indian graves in that area when we lived there. His feelings were that it was sacred ground and should be left alone.
    I hope to hear from you and hopefully I can be of some help to you to promote your organization in some modest way. Sincerely, Caroline Zimmerman